The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Lock For Your Home

As a homeowner, the potential to protect and secure your home and contents should never be taken lightly. There are so many different options out there that sometimes making a decision on the best lock can seem overwhelming. This guide will help you understand the various types of locks available and what factors to consider knowing that knowledge is your best ally when it comes to decision-making. If you live in Oklahoma City, local locksmith services such as home lock repair, key duplication, lockout assistance, and security updates; or rekeying may further improve the safety of your residence.

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Lock For Your Home

Explaining Different Types of Locks

The first step to finding a lock is knowing what kind of lock actually there is. The security and ease every lock type brings differs.


For residential purposes, deadbolts are one of the most secure and famous types of locks. Single-cylinder, double-cylinder, and keyless deadbolts are the three main forms in which they come.

Single-cylinder Deadbolts: Operated with a key from the outside but thumbed from the inside.
Double-cylinder Deadbolts: A key is required on both sides for extra security.
Keyless Deadbolts: A keypad or electronic system replaces the need for a physical key.
Knob Locks
Knob locks are often used in combination with deadbolts to increase security. However, they are not recommended as the primary security measure for external doors as they can be easily broken or passed through.

Lever Handle Locks

For doors on the inside of a building, lever handle locks are typically used. They make operating the lock simpler than knob locks, so they are ideal for people who must pass through doors frequently.

Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are strong and durable, often found in older buildings. To install such a lock in the door, it is necessary that a pocket be cut into it–thus providing high security.

Smart Locks

Smart locks combine state-of-the-art security with worry-free convenience. These locks are typically operated by a smartphone app-keyless entry and work well with home automation systems.


Both durable and mobile, padlocks are used to secure everything from gates and sheds to storage units. They come in many shapes sizes and levels of security, ranging from combination locks to high security.

Things to consider when choosing a lock
To help you get the perfect lock for your needs.

Level of Security

Each door requires different levels of security. An outer door, for example, would be fitted with a high-security lock such as one of the industry-standard deadbolts or fitted with a smart lock, while interior doors may suffice for only basic knob or lever handle locks.

Ease of Use

Locks should be easy for everyone in the family to use, especially during emergencies. Keyless and smart locks offer much convenience but they may require a certain period of adjustment.


Choose locks that are made from good materials break the key and the door can bear severe forces. Mortise and deadbolt locks, for example, are known for their durability.


Although high-security locks tend to cost more, they will be a worthwhile investment in protecting your home. Take your budget along with your needs for security into account.


Locks must harmonize with the style of your home. Most manufacturers offer a wide range of finishes and designs to suit your decor that you’ll find just perfect.

Panda Locksmith Services, a specialist locksmith company in Oklahoma City, provides home lock repair services, key scrolls home lid assistance, and security updates for added protection and convenience.

Benefits of Professional Locksmith Services

Using professional locksmith services will ensure that your locks are correctly installed by expert installers and provide the highest level of security.

Home Lock Repair

If you have existing locks that are broken or malfunctioning, then Panda Locksmith offers professional home lock repair to make them as good as new again.

Key Copy

In case of emergencies, duplicate keys are essential. Professional key duplication services will ensure that the fit of your spare keys with your locks is perfect. In case of emergencies, it is essential to have duplicate keys. Professional Key duplication services will make sure that your spare keys meet the perfect match standards which make them work smoothly together when inserted into doors or locks professionally There are many ways that can happen anyway; future emergencies could occur even yesterday already! Having two keys inside your mouth is vital to survival when locked out during an emergency situation–because we don’t know what will happen next.

Locked out of your home

Getting locked out of your home can be stressful. Locksmiths offer lockout assistance to help you regain entry as quickly and safely as possible. With modern technology, you can remotely control the locks in your house.

Into your home, enhancing electrical safety protection

With professional locksmiths, upgrading your home’s security with the latest lock technology and other measures such as additional deadbolts or smart locks is easily within reach.
Rekeying Services

Inexpensively upgrading your locks

A rekeying service can dramatically improve the security of your home at little cost and with no inconvenience. This process changes the internal mechanism of locks so that old keys will not work anymore.

Choosing the right lock for your Oklahoma City home involves understanding the types of locks available and considering factors such as security level, ease of use, durability, cost, and aesthetics. Professional locksmith services will enhance your home’s security further with Home lock repair, key duplication, lockout assistance, security upgrades, and rekeying services. The use of local expertise to make informed decisions in the field of professional locksmithing will allow you to establish that your home remains a safe and secure fortress.