The Different Methods of Key Duplication

Keys are super important for keeping our homes and businesses safe. Sometimes, we lose them or need more copies, and that’s when we call a locksmith. In this guide, we’ll talk about how keys are copied and why it’s a big deal. Kings Locksmith OKC, a trusted name in OKC lock and key services help you understand all about key copying.

Understanding Key Duplication

Traditional Key Cutting

The traditional method of key duplication involves the use of a key cutting machine. This machine precisely carves out a duplicate key based on the original. Locksmiths have a keen eye for detail, and they use their expertise to ensure that the new key perfectly matches the original. The process starts by placing the original key in the machine’s clamp, and then a blank key is placed in another clamp. The machine then traces the original key’s pattern onto the blank one, creating an identical duplicate.

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Laser Cutting Technology

As technology gets better, making copies of keys has gotten more advanced too! One cool way to do it is with lasers. Yup, lasers like the ones in science fiction movies! These lasers are super precise, so they can make perfect copies of keys.

This laser method is great for tricky or super secure keys because it can make copies of even the most complicated shapes and designs. At Kings Locksmith OKC, we make sure we use the newest laser tech to copy keys perfectly.

3D Printing Keys

In recent years, 3D printing technology has made its way into the locksmith industry. This cutting-edge method allows locksmiths to create keys by layering materials to form the desired shape. While 3D printing is not yet the most common method, it has the potential to revolutionize key duplication, especially for unusual or custom key shapes. OKC Lock and Key is at the forefront of embracing innovative techniques to cater to all key duplication needs.

The Importance of Professional Key Duplication

Key duplication may seem like a simple task, but it’s essential to trust professionals like Kings Locksmith OKC for several reasons:

Being Precise is Important: When you try to copy keys yourself, they might not work perfectly, and your locks could have problems. But when you hire a professional locksmith, they make sure everything is just right, so your keys and locks work perfectly

Security Concerns: If keys are duplicated improperly, it can compromise your security. Professionals follow strict ethical guidelines to ensure your safety.

Specialized Equipment: Locksmiths have access to advanced tools and machines, including laser cutters, which are not readily available to the average person.

Expertise: Experienced locksmiths like those at Kings Locksmith OKC possess the knowledge to duplicate a wide range of keys, including high-security and transponder keys.

Emergency Services: Lockouts can happen at any time. Professional locksmiths offer 24/7 emergency services, ensuring you’re never locked out for long.

Making copies of keys is really important for keeping our things safe and making life easier. You can copy keys in different ways, like using lasers or special 3D printers. But it’s super important to get help from experts like Kings Locksmith OKC. They know how to do it right.

When you know about the different ways to copy keys and get help from OKC Lockout Service, you can make sure your stuff and the people you care about are safe. So, always stay curious and learn more about locks and security. That way, you can make smart choices and stay safe in our changing world.